Anusuya Starbear

Counselor, Coach, Consultant 

Dear Community,

In this stressful time, it's easy to get depleted. Consider a phone or online session to recharge your spirit and your immune system. I work with people of all ages and animals too. Bring a little more peace, creativity, and wisdom into your day with hour, half-hour, and

15-minute sessions.I'm now offering a sliding scale for those who have recently experienced a loss in income. I welcome new clients.

Warmly, Anusuya Starbear

  • Certified Process Worker

  • Energy Healer

  • Animal Communicator

  • Peacemaker (in the Cherokee tradition)


To schedule with Anusuya, please email her:

Or visit her website and go to the scheduling page:


Bring Your Whole Self To Life

Psychic Intuitive Psychology – giving you the best of all worlds


Transformational healing sessions for people, animals, homes, workplaces, and the earth that holds you.


I have been in practice 30 years and offering my clients phone and at-a-distance video sessions for more than 15 years, please consider how I can support you now.


Sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs, so each session can look completely different, depending on your current situation and state of mind. 


Sessions may include any or all of the following:

  • Aligning thinking, feeling, being & doing

  • Spiritual guidance & mentoring

  • Psychological, psychic & intuitive healing & alignment

  • Shamanic energy work

  • Spirit guide training

  • Animal communication

  • Clearing & alignment for buildings and the earth


Degrees and Certifications:

  • Certified process worker Dipl.PW

  • MA Process Oriented Psychology

  • Mediator, BA Conflict Communication & Negotiation

  • Peacekeeper in the Native American tradition


Your consciousness is vast – far greater than your intellect or your physical body – and your creativity is much bigger than your problems. Difficulties come from thinking you’re too small for the task at hand. Paradoxically, it’s often the quirky or marginalized parts of you that hold the big answers. Owning your personal diversity is the cornerstone to living your most powerful, elegant, and meaningful life.


Come for healing – and leave as a healer