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Anusuya StarBear

Counseling, Coaching, & Mentoring

Peace ~ Wisdom ~ Clarity ~ Creativity ~ Healing

for People, Animals, Buidlings, and Land.

  • Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit

  • Multi-level Awareness Training

  • Process Oriented Psychology (Process Work)

  • Energy Healing

  • Mentoring and Coaching

  • Supervision

Anusuya StarBear, MA, Dipl.PW has decades of training and practice in Process Oriented Psychology, NVC, conflict resolution, earth based healing, dream work, animal communication, psychic energy work, somatic healing, and mindfulness practices.


Your consciousness is vast ~ far greater than your intellect or your physical body, and your creativity is much bigger than your troubles.

Learn about Anusuya or schedule a complimentary consultation at Free Being You

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