Chung So

LMT, Educator & Body Adept, Founder of Qunem-Bodywork

"Someone told me after illness had taken me from one specialist to another, “Find the answer yourself!” So, I branched off from college teaching to health practices. Now, 30 years later, I work by the Qunem motto: Your body has a story to tell. If it’s a tale of woe, rewrite it! My clients find restfulness in the comfort and joy of feeling in balance." --Chung So


Chung offers many years of experience as a LMT with a focus on helping his clients achieve pain free mobility.   His bodywork integrates many styles, but relies heavily on a combination of postural analysis, awareness, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.  PNF involves the therapist assisting the client with stretches and movements to increase their pain free range of motion.  A massage with Chung is an interactive experience where you will become more aware of the way you move your body and how that impacts the way you feel and what you can do from a functional standpoint.  It is not, as we like to say, "a lay there and drool in the face cradle sort of massage," but his work will leave you very relaxed after your session and the lessons learned can be applied for a long time to come.  Chung's work creates dedicated and loyal patients that return again and again for years, but often the acute pain that client's originally come to him to resolve can be taken care of in a single session.



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