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Sarah Wildwood

Counselor & Yoga Therapist

I am a native Portlander, Yogi, artist, and poet who recently completed a Master of Arts in Counseling at Multnomah University. My therapeutic approach is body based, spiritually integrated psychotherapy, which helps with a wide range of concerns. The majority of my experience over the past two years has been in the treatment of anxiety, depression,

spiritual issues, and unprocessed trauma. I believe personal wellness requires the intentional and continual integration of mind, body & spirit. In my Yoga practice, I have experienced the power of mindful movement, breath work, and meditation to bring this about. As a mental health counselor, I have seen how these elements gracefully compliment the counseling process.


This holistic approach to counseling can help you meet your therapeutic goals more quickly and guide you to a place where your mind, body, and spirit work together in harmony. When you find this place, you can dwell in inspiration, creativity, authenticity, and joy. 


It is my heart's calling to help others travel the path to this level of wellness. As you process the past, accept the present, and grow into your best self, I welcome the honor of walking with you. I am available for individual counseling sessions and I facilitate mindfulness groups on a regular basis.

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