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Molly Haydon, Lifestyle & Health Teacher

I am a health ambassador dedicated to helping people live a better, balanced lifestyle. As a certified Chopra Health Teacher my focus is to help people decrease their stress and optimize their health.


My career in advertising found me constantly trying to manage my stress through healthy practices. Meditation and sleep routines allowed me to be rejuvenated and thrive amongst a high stress environment. As my education continued in the areas of nutrition, emotions and self-care, the scope of continuous health improvement (both mind and body) that I experienced with these lessons was profound, and quite honestly, really simple.

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Life Style Checkup

This Lifestyle Check-Up is a 6 class course based in Ayurveda, a health system that is focused on giving you tools to promote your health. Learn to live in balance and develop new habits informed by your unique mind-body constitution.  These lessons are focused around the six pillars of health: sleep, movement, nutrition, self-care, meditation, and grounded emotions.  This course approaches your health by working from the inside out.


This is a personalized, practical, and preventative approach to health that strengthens your mind and body. Experience the long-term benefits of sustainable health by setting new boundaries around your relationship with stress.

The change you need is the change you make.

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