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Rejuvenation Room

Living in “Pandemia” caused a delay, suspension or even discontinuation of care for people with most, if not all, of their health care providers.  This, along with the ongoing stress of living in a pandemic has increased pain levels, depression and in the worst cases, led to higher morbidity from chronic conditions.  Times have changed, especially related to our comfort level being without a mask in a public space.


Here at Moreland Chiropractic and Cypress Beauty and Wellness, we recognize that receiving care for your ailments as well as optimizing your wellness are still an important part of life, and we have joined together to offer you an innovative way to continue along a positive path in your health journey.



We hold this space for you as a place to find rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Your health and safety are our number one priorities.  As you enter our clinic, we will take your temperature, then guide you to the rejuvenation room.  Here, you will have time to wash away the day’s stressors (literally) with a cleanser to prepare your face and upper chest for the LED panel.  Once you have disrobed to your level of comfort, you may slide between the toasty sheets, all the while keeping your mask on.  At this point, we will come back in and assist you by checking the table temperature and aligning the eye protection and LED panel.  Now, with the LED pulsing and the Infared table mat heating your entire body, we will step out and you will be able to remove your mask and enjoy all the benefits of the light technology in solitude.

During your 30 minutes, your muscles will relax, circulation will improve and raise your core temperature.  Even your cells will be stimulated to produce more energy.  Don’t be surprised if you slide gently into slumber! If this is so, don’t fight it, your body is still benefitting while your brain lets go of consciousness.


Once the LED panel turns off, you will be able to place it to the side, climb off the table and prepare yourself to now return to the real world.  One final bit of pampering, pat the restorative moisturizer over your face and neck to help seal in all of the red and blue light benefits.  The facial products are curated from Nancy’s collection, specifically with the cell stimulation from the light panel in mind.  When you are ready, put on your mask and crack the door, we will be by shortly to walk you out.


Rejuvenation Room Pricing

  • $60 single session

  • $275 five session package

  • $500 ten session package

Online scheduling for the Rejuvenation Room

is currently unavailable.

Please call (503)-236-4654 to book. 

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