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Kelly O'Connor, LAc 


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For over two decades Kelly has dedicated her life to the study and practice of healing. In 2003 she received a  Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from the Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder,

CO. Beginning with an education in western herbal medicine in the early 90's she has been a dedicated student of meditation, intuitive healing, consciousness studies, acupuncture and nutrition. She is here to guide you toward your healing goals whether that be a minor muscle strain, a complex autoimmune condition or maybe you're a sensitive soul who needs to learn how to manage your own energy. 

Kelly has cheerfully treated humankind in a variety of settings since 1997. In practice, she brings her favorite energy modalities together to offer a comprehensive menu of healing and wholeness.

Like a radio station, you have your own unique frequency. When your system is aligned, your station comes through crystal clear. When you’re not quite tuned in, you experience static and interference. That might express itself as allergies, pain, fatigue, or poor digestion. It might show up as relationship challenges, difficulty concentrating, or just feeling stuck in life.

All energy can be transformed. Everything can heal. You start with just one step.

Kelly uses acupuncture and herbal medicine to manage disharmonies and bring you into balance. NAET eliminates allergies and intolerances that make you ill, freeing you from restrictive diets and hidden illnesses. Nutritional Response Testing repairs and restores your body with nutritional allies. Intuitive Healing goes even further, clearing energy and giving you tools to radically heal yourself.

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